WFSp on screen.

Give WAV files new life!

WAV File Stripper removes loop and cue data from wav files.

Its mostly for use with wav files that been rendered from audio hosts and editors that automatically embed loop points, cue and other data into the file.

Depending on the target software/hardware, this can make the file playback abnormally often locking the timeline to the loop point. In some cases editing and deleting the data then re-saving the file does not get rid of this non audio data. When the file is re-opened, all the non audio data is still there.

The only option would be to re-record the audio file and then save it. That only works if you have the right 3rd party solution (hardware/software loopback drivers).

WFSp gives the wav file new life by removing the constraining data so it can be used by any host, hardware, soft/hard sampler, internal/external player, media device etc.

Just like MFSp it has multi file support, is so simple to use and very fast!

– WFSportable can be run from a Windows PC computer, removable media, USB thumbsticks and drives, across a shared network folders, or burned to any optical media. Its portability makes it perfect for a recording session.

Simply drag audio files onto the GUI for processing and continue working.

WFSp runs on XP, Vista and Win7 operating systems only.
When you donate, you will receive a no nags version of WFSp.

25% of donations go to Haiti Relief.

25% of donations go to Haiti Relief!

You can also help Haiti here:


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